Today:  12/20/2014

        Nibhav Solutions offers a One Stop place for your software needs. Want to increase your sales, promote your business, computerize your transactions, need a computer database, need an online store, need application development to support your manufacturing needs, needs order management system or starting a new business, Nibhav Solutions can help you achieve your business & personal enterpaneur goals in the best way. is now officially




A customized Engineering Design system  

Interact with drawing packages such as CADAM 

Generate Numerical Control (NC) data for the machines in the factory, generate Drawings, Parts Catalog info.
Interact with Marketing for order information. Plant wide visibility for the product designs.
Online Solutions including E-Commerce, Intranet development & Internet based administrative consoles.
Database Design & Programming
Application Programming
Business Analysis
iPhone Programming -- Coming soon
Assessment & Collection software for local county governments

Inventory management solutions.

Funeral PRE-NEED software

High retention ratio
Giving them complete control over their software products.
Small to medium sized businesses.
Clients across different industries ranging from retail, municipalities, local county governments, manufacturing plants and financial industries.
Virtual Assistant Services having facilities in India.

VA Services include but not limited to

Data Capturing
Data entry
Internet Research
Card Scanning and Capturing into databases

Prices start at $6/hr


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